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Raw and Post Processed Materials - Answers

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  • Raw and Post Processed Materials - Answers

    Answers to questions about Raw and Post Processed Materials

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    Originally posted by FTC6369
    Subject: Sandpaper

    Q: Currently, our team is using a sandpaper based gripping surface to hold onto the glyphs. On each of the grippers, the actual gripping surface is a layer of weather stripping covered by a layer of sandpaper. We would like to emphasise that the sandpaper never moves laterally along the glyph, it grips the glyph when the grippers close, and never moves side-to-side st any time, in contact with the glyph or otherwise. It is not set up in a way that the sandpaper would have any chance to abrade the glyph.. Would this be considered legal?
    A: Sandpaper is a product that is specifically designed to abrade and remove material from the surface it is in contact with. It is not possible to guarantee that during a match, as robots move about the field, that the Glyph and the sandpaper will never slide against one another. Therefore, sandpaper is not allowed anywhere it can come into contact with a Glyph, Tile floor, Balancing Stone, or any other Field Element.


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      Originally posted by FTC8148
      Subject: Friction Tape

      Q:Is friction tape legal (for instance It is not intended to be abrasive but rather is merely a gripping material.
      A: Yes, Friction tape is a legal building material.


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        Originally posted by FTC12660
        Subject: Skateboard Grip Tape

        Q: Our team was planning to use skateboard grip tape on part of our robot. We know that sandpaper is illegal, but friction tape is legal. We were wondering if grip tape would also be allowed?
        A: Yes, Grip Tape is legal.


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          Originally posted by FTC12676
          Subject: Safety Walk Tape

          Q: We know sand paper is not allowed. Is safety walk tape
          is allowed for picking up glyphs?
          A: Yes, Safety Walk Tape is allowed.


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            Originally posted by FTC14019
            Subject: Roughtop Tread

            Q: We understand that Roughtop tread is illegal for drive system components that will contact the playing field floor, but would roughtop tread, specifically Blue Nitrile Roughtop Tread (am-3309), be illegal for use in glyph manipulating components? We've tested it on a harvesting mechanism, and it doesn't seem to harm the glyphs. Thanks!
            A: Yes, Roughtop tread is legal when used in a harvesting mechanism providing it does not damage the Glyphs. Obviously each Robot is different so you may have to demonstrate that the tread does not damage Glyphs during inspection or at the request of a Referee.


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              Originally posted by FTC9967
              Subject: Dryer Sheet

              Is it legal to mount dryer sheets onto a robot? The dryer sheets would not touch the ground.
              A: Yes, provided that the dryer sheet does not contaminate the Playing Field.


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                Originally posted by FTC11594
                Subject: Velcro

                Q: Is velcro an allowed material on the robot?
                A: Yes, Velcro is allowed.


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                  Originally posted by FTC7350
                  Subject: Glass Mirrors

                  Q: Post #17 in the Robot Electrical Parts and Materials Rules under Control System Answers said that it is legal to use mirrors. Is there still a restriction on glass mirrors per <RG01>?
                  A: Rule <RG01> does not prevent the use of glass mirrors, however the sharp edges of the glass must be covered or protected per rule <RG01.e>.