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    Originally posted by FTC1001
    Subject: Mineral Placement in Crater

    Q: Should field re-setters make sure that the minerals in the crater are in a single layer (no blocks on blocks)?
    A: Per the Field Reset Guide, the requirement is for the minerals to be randomly placed in the crater. Although it is possible for minerals to stack when randomly placed in the crater, they should not exceed 2 minerals high as this would not be a true randomization of elements.


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      Originally posted by FTC7043
      Subject: Placement of Side Panels - Lander Build Procedure

      Q: I would like to clarify a lander build procedure. Some of the CAD pictures in the 2018-2019 Field Assembly Guide (rev 1.3) are confusing. Specifically the diagrams in Steps 1-6 & 1-8 for the shorter Gold Mineral cargo area, the polycarbonate siding looks like it is to be placed on the outside of the metal corner brackets.

      This is counter to the wording of Step 1-8, "The panels should sit on the inside of the brackets".

      I have seen landers built both ways. Could we get a ruling on which way it is supposed to be.
      A: The polycarbonate sides of the lander should always be assembled with the corner bracket on the outside. In step 1-6 the polycarbonate is placed on the gold, or short side panel. The step outlines "The Side Panels should sit between the flange and the Corner Bracket". Step 1-8 outlines that the polycarbonate should be places on the inside of the bracket, not the outside.


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        Originally posted by FTC7253
        Subject: Navigation Target Placement

        Q: The wording of the navigation target image placement in Figure B-6 of game manual 2 and page 15 of field setup guide are confusing and should be cleaned up.
        The moon crater image is labeled as "Target 1 Front Wall (audience facing)". This would suggest that the image should face the audience.
        A: Teams, Volunteers, and Tournament Directors should follow the official Field Setup Guide illustration and instructions for proper installation of the Navigation Targets. The "moon crater", or Front Wall Target should be placed on the field perimeter wall that faces the audience, while the "galaxy", or Back Wall target is placed on the back wall closes to the scoring tables.


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          Originally posted by FTC9978
          Subject: Randomizing Field Elements

          Q: In the field reset guide:

          "Randomly place approximately half of the Gold and half of the Silver game elements into each Crater. The Gold and Silver should be approximately equally distributed around the entire inside area of the Crater."

          The picture shows the silver and gold equally distributed every other one, I know that isn't realistic or the intent of the guide, but it would be helpful if you could give some guidance on a good way to randomize the crater elements. I have watched some league meet videos that no one resets the elements between matches other than the ref would take the few elements that made it into the lander and toss them into each of the craters. ( That doesn't seem very random, plus there were clumps of cubes everywhere as well as clumps of balls)

          At our meets, I had a reseter that would take the elements that were in the lander and depot and disperse them between each match by taking a ball and pushing it in between cubes that were clumped together so that it looked different each match and was more random.

          Thanks in advance for your guidance
          A: There's no formal rule on how to distribute the minerals, just that they be as evenly distributed as possible between each crater after each match. Part of the challenge is that robots must sort through the craters, be mindful of which they pick up, and place them in the appropriate cargo hold in the lander. Since the craters are also alliance neutral, it is okay if the minerals are not distributed as an exact equal split, as robots can pick up minerals in both craters.


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            Originally posted by FTC9808
            Subject: Navigation Target Placement

            Q: Should the targets be attached to (flush in contact with ) the plastic wall, and not simply hanging from the metal rail? Please shed some light on this for an remaining Rover Ruckus events. Thank you.
            A: Navigation targets should be places 5.75 inches from the floor tiles to the center of the image, and the image should be flush with the Lexan/plastic panel.


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              Originally posted by FTC14019
              Subject: Field Setup at Championship

              Q: Last year in Houston, there were large rugs placed under the competition fields that affected the gameplay of robots. Just so that teams can prepare for the change, will there be similar rugs under the fields or will the fields be on the bare concrete of the convention center?
              A: The same carpets used at last years Championships, both in Houston and Detroit, will be used under the competition fields again this year.


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                Originally posted by FTC6047
                Subject: Alliance Station Setup

                Q1: What is the appropriate vertical orientation of the Alliance Station relative to the Playing Field? The visuals in both Game Manual Part 2 and the Field Setup Guide show that the floor of the Alliance Station is level with the floor of the Playing Field. However, this is not specified in the text of either document.

                Q2: How high can the Playing Field be elevated and still be considered a correctly set Playing Field?

                Q3: Will the Playing Fields at Minute Maid Park in Houston and Ford Field in Detroit be subject to this rule?
                A1: Alliance Stations should consist of tape placed on the floor outside of the field perimeter and follow the specs outlined in the Field Setup Guide. Alliance Stations should not be elevated as this could create a safety hazard for both teams and field volunteers.

                A2: There are no rules that state how high a playing field can be elevated at an event. However Event Organizers should keep in mind that Field Reset volunteers must access the field consistency throughout the day to reset the field for the next match. Teams must also enter and exit the field to place and retrieve their robots. In most levels of competition, elevating the field for a full competition creates an obstacle that could cause unnecessary match schedule delays and safety risks.

                A3: The playing fields at both Minute Maid Park in Houston and Ford Field in Detroit will be elevated no more than 24" for finals matches. The fields throughout the competition at both Championships will be placed on the floor and will not be elevated.
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                  Originally posted by FTC14019
                  Subject: Carpets Under Practice Fields at Championship

                  Q: Because there will be rugs under the actual fields in Houston, can the venue put rugs under the practice fields as well?
                  A: Carpets will not be placed under the practice fields at either the Houston or Detroit Championships. They will only be placed under the competition fields at each location. Note that the pile of the carpet is minimal, and should make little to no difference in drivability from the practice to the competition fields.