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    Originally posted by FTC8610
    Subject: <G21> Scoring Elements in Contact with Robots - Sample Field Gold Mineral Possessed by a Robot

    In our Autonomous Program for the sampling task we sweep the gold mineral into our robot instead of nudging it out of the way.

    Question: Does rule <G21> come into play or do we get the sampling points if we remove the gold mineral by sweeping it into our robot?

    Answer: Rule <G21> does not apply to this scenario. Robots may earn the Sampling Score while it Possesses the removed Gold Mineral.


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      Originally posted by FTC12676
      Subject: Robot entering an opposing Alliance Landing Zone during the Autonomous Period

      Question: When a robot lands during autonomous is it allowed to get in to the opposing alliances landing zone? This happens mainly when robot lands and make turn to unlatch from lander bracket. during this time part of robot crosses in to opposing alliances landing zone by 2 inches for 4-5 seconds.

      Answer: Yes, provided that the Robot does not illegally interfere with an opposing Alliance Robot. For example, a rule <GS2> violation is possible.
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        Originally posted by FTC12823
        Subject: <S1> Unsafe Robot and Playing Field Damage - Robot impact with a Playing Field Wall

        Question: Is a robot hitting the wall in the autonomous period considered field damage? Thanks!

        Answer: No, provided that the Robot does not cause a physical change to the Playing Field Wall that affects game play, or would require the wall segment to be repaired or replaced.


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          Originally posted by FTC9794
          Subject: Drive Team using the Driver Station to stop an unsafe Robot during the Autonomous Period.

          Question 1: If a team presses the stop button during the autonomous period due to safety reasons, should they receive a yellow card if it is the team's first time performing this action and the damage was inadvertent?

          Question 2: Should the robot be disabled for the driver-controlled period as well if the unsafe behavior was only due the fact that the robot was not being controlled by drivers during the autonomous period?

          Answer 1: Rule <G9> allows a Drive Team to stop their Robot for safety reasons without incurring a Penalty. When possible, consult with a Field Technical Advisor or Referee before stopping a Robot for safety reasons during the Autonomous Period. Referees could issue a Yellow Card if the Robot damages the Playing Field.

          Answer 2: In this scenario, the Robot may participate in the Driver-Controlled Period if the Robot operates safely and does not cause damage to the Playing Field or another Robot.


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            Originally posted by FTC13112
            Subject: Placing a Team Marker in a Depot

            Question 1: Is it fair to state based on the manual and forum rulings to date that the point is that the robot "brings" the marker to the depot before disengaging, that is, for the robot to have to travel in contact with the marker to the depot until the marker is released from contact with the robot, once the marker breaks the plane of the depot?

            Question 2: If the robot drops its marker during its earlier autonomous activity (ie the robot and marker disengage from one another), but the marker falls in such a way that the marker is subsequently pushed (ie they re-engage) by the same robot into the depot in a way that the robot is in contact with the marker when the marker breaks the plane of the depot, is that a legal placement of the marker?

            Question 3: Similar to (2) above, but if the first robot drops its marker and does NOT re-engage and push its marker into the depot, but then the first robot's alliance partner (second robot) happens to push the first robot's marker into the depot, is that a legal placement of the first team's marker?

            Answer 1: Yes

            Answer 2: Yes, provided that the Team Marker is not Launched.

            Answer 3: Yes, provided that the Team Marker is not Launched.


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              Originally posted by FTC10131
              Subject: <GS2> Autonomous Period Robot Interference - Sample Field Interference by Minerals removed from a Crater

              A robot moves to park in the opposing side crater in autonomous by driving to the crater and extending an intake into the crater, thus being "In" the crater. When their intake is extended, multiple minerals are knocked out of the crater and into their opponents Sample Field silver minerals, dislodging one or both of them. Does this inadvertent but consequential action merit a Major Penalty or not?

              [FYI, an example of this scenario happening can be seen in this video with the red 8401robot extended into the blue-side crater at 1 hour, 38 minutes and 40 seconds into the video:]

              Answer: A <GS2> rule violation will be determined by how the Referees regard the action. A <GS2> Penalty will be assessed if the Referee views the action as a planned strategy. No <GS2> Penalty will be assessed if the Referee views the action as Inadvertent. For example, if a Robot causes Minerals to eject from the Crater in this manner every Match, it is likely to be viewed as a strategy and therefore a violation of rule <GS2>.