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    Official Answers to questions about the End Game can be found here.

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    Originally posted by FTC5290
    Subject: End Game Robot elevation off of the Playing Field Floor while Latched.

    Question: Is there a minimum distance the robot must be off the playing field floor at the end of the Match to achieve the 50pt score? In the starting position, it clearly indicates a minimum of 4" but there is not such specific value for End Game.

    Answer: No. Keep in mind that the determination of Latched is decided by Earthlings observing the Robot from outside the Playing Field Wall at the end of the Match (i.e., Match Time = 0 ). Teams are encouraged to make the height above the Playing Field Floor obvious and unambiguous.


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      Originally posted by FTC10131
      Subject: Scoring a Robot that is Latched at the End of the Match

      Game Manual Part 2 section 1.5.4 states in part, "Points are awarded at the End of the Match for the following End Game achievements..." and "End of the Match" is defined as "The moment when a Match timer reaches 0:00."

      Question: To clarify, does this mean that a robot does not need to stay Latched and come to rest Latched after the end of the match when motors have been disabled to earn End Game Latching points, but merely needs to be Latched at the moment the match timer reaches 0:00?

      Answer: Yes


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        Originally posted by FTC14374
        Subject: Latched Robot - <GS5> Blocking Access to Scoring in the Lander and <GS6> Interfering with Scoring at the Lander

        This came up during a scrimmage we recently hosted. Our head referee and referee staff has asked us to post this question for clarification.

        Situation: During endgame a blue alliance robot was attempting to latch onto the blue side of the lander that faces towards the audience. Part of the blue robot (the front right wheel) was sticking under the Lander and crossing the mid line of the field into the red Landing Zone. A red robot was also attempting to latch in the red audience facing side of the lander. However, contact with the blue alliance robot that was pulling itself up prevented the red alliance robot from successfully latching.

        Here are the questions:

        Question 1: Would this be a <GS6> Blocking Access to Scoring in the Lander violation on the blue robot, even though the blocking was inadvertent and occurred as part of their own attempts at Latching?

        Question 2: Does it matter whether the blue robot is extending into the Red Landing Zone under the Lander body enough for a <GS6> infraction to be called if it results in blocking a successful Latch by the opposing alliance?

        Question 3: In this case, there was another red Lander side available for latching (facing away from the audience). The red robot could have Latched unimpeded on the other Lander face despite the encroachment of the blue robot into the Red Landing Zone. Does the fact that Red had an alternate opportunity to Latch impact whether Blue should have been penalized under <GS6>?

        Question 4: Is it a penalty to cross into the opposing alliances Landing Zone during end game if the opposing alliance isn't attempting to score/ latch?

        Thank you for your help in determining the correct action here.

        Answer 1: The Robot's actions violate rule <GS6>. It is also a possible rule <GS5> violation depending on the circumstances.

        Answer 2: In general, a Latched Robot that does not extend into the opposing Alliance's Landing zone should not be awarded <GS5> and/or <GS6> Penalties. However, a Referee may declare a <GS5> and/or <GS6> violation if the Robot's design or strategy appears to be intended to interfere with or Block an opposing Alliance Robot from Latching onto its Alliance's Lander Support Bracket.

        Answer 3: No

        Answer 4: No


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          Originally posted by FTC4174
          Subject: <G24> Robot or Scoring Elements in Two or More Scoring Areas - Robot Latched and In a Crater at the end of the Match.

          Section 1.5.4 of Game Manual Part 2 defines the end game achievements. However, the way that they are defined seems to indicate that they are not mutually exclusive; that is, a team could latch onto the lander and then extend a mechanism in order to count as being Parked In the Crater. Rule <G24> prevents against Robots in two or more Scoring Areas from receiving points for both Areas; however, latching does not seem to be considered a Scoring Area.

          Question: Would a robot that has both Latched and Parked In any Crater receive the full 65 points? (50 for latch, 15 for parking)

          Answer: Rule <G24> applies to a Robot that is Latched to the Lander. In a given Match, a Robot may only earn points for accomplishing one of the three End Game tasks (i.e., Robot Latched, Robot Parked In any Crater, and Robot Parked Completely In any Crater).


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            Originally posted by FTC12666
            Subject: Is a Robot that starts the Match Deployed eligible to earn the End Game Latched Score?

            Question 1:
            We're trying to get clarification on section 1.5.4 (End Game) of the game manual part 2. Is it required that the robot start in the latched position during autonomous (1.5.1, subsection 1) to earn the 50 points if they end latched on the lander (1.5.4, subsection 1)?

            ​​​​​​​Question 2: Instead, can the robot be deployed from lander (1.5.1, 2) and still earn the 50 points if they end latched on the lander (1.5.4, subsection 1) ?

            Answer 1: No

            Answer 2: Yes


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              Originally posted by FTC8424
              Subject: Disabled Robot(s) Blocking Access to the Opposing Alliance's Cargo Hold and/or Latch

              We had a strange situation happen in the league meet this weekend. A blue robot flipped over onto its back right in red alliance's landing zone. The other blue robot then came and tried to flip them back up onto their drive train, became entangled, pushed the other robot in front of the other red landing zone and subsequently flipped over. Now, both blue robots are blocking BOTH red alliance landing zones, and associated lander brackets for latching. Neither red team was able to latch due to this, and neither blue robot got penalized because they were disabled. Blue lost that match, by about 20 points.

              In FIRST RES-Q, if similar things happened the opposing alliance would be allowed to climb the mountain of the different color so they could still get the end-game points. We realize that the games are different, but the situations are pretty much the same this year with this game.

              Question: Should an exception be made in this instance to allow the "blocked" alliance to latch and lift on the opposing alliance's lander brackets if theirs are being blocked by disabled (and un-penalizable) robots?

              Thank you!

              Answer: The GDC agrees that the Team's suggested accommodation has merit. After discussion, the GDC decided not to change the rules to allow the requested exception. Robots may not Latch to the opposing Alliance's Lander Support Bracket.


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                Originally posted by FTC1999
                Subject: Robot contact with a Latched Robot

                Question: At a recent event, our end game latching was ruled invalid because an opposing alliance robot was in contact with our robot just at the end of the match. They got a major penalty for interference, but we still lost a net 10 points on the exchange. Is this the proper interpretation?

                Answer: This is a great question! The referee crew correctly applied the constraint that a Latched Robot cannot contact another Robot. See the definition for "Latched" in section 1.4 of the Game Manual Part 2 for the complete details.

                In general, the GDC strives to balance Scoring and Penalties so that the Penalty is equal to or exceeds the forgone Score value. As you indicated in the scenario, the Score value of a Latched Robot at the End of the Match is greater than the point value of a Major Penalty. For this reason, the GDC is changing the requirements for a Latched Robot to the following:

                Latched - A Robot is considered Latched when it is Completely Supported by the Lander Support Bracket on the Lander and is not in contact with any other Game Element, corresponding Alliance (i.e., same Alliance) Robot, or the Playing Field Floor. Incidental contact with Scoring Elements, the Lander sides or legs is allowed (for example, Possession of Scoring Elements is allowed). Latching is evaluated and Scored by earthlings. Teams are encouraged to make these actions obvious and unambiguous.

                The intent of this change is to allow a Robot to remain eligible to earn the End Game Latched Score when it is contacting an opposing Alliance Robot.


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                  Originally posted by FTC10131
                  Subject: End Game Latching with completely separated or loose Robot Parts

                  Question 1:
                  If a part falls off the main robot chassis (e.g., an arm, or a large or small piece of metal, or a screw/nut) and the robot Latches in the End Game with the exception that the separated piece remains laying on and supported by the playing field, does that robot get credit for the 50 point Latching achievement?

                  Question 2: If a robot part becomes loose on a robot and remains connected to a robot only by a semi-flexible component (e.g., a servo-based mechanism falls off but the robot drags the mechanism around by the servo wire, or a chain becomes loose and the chain drags around on the playing field surface) and the robot Latches in the End Game with the exception that the loose, dragging component remains laying on and supported by the playing field, does the robot get credit for the 50 point Latching achievement?

                  Answer 1: Yes, inadvertently separated Robot parts that are no longer contacting the Robot do not invalidate a Latched achievement.

                  Answer 2: No


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                    Originally posted by FTC10298
                    Subject: Scoring a Latched Robot at the End of the Match

                    Thank you for answering our previous question concerning the above topic. Your answer seems clear to us. However, at a recent meet, there were a few unexpected rulings.

                    Question 1: At the time = 0:00 mark, if the robot is latched but is drifting downward but has clearly not touched the mat or anything else does the hang count?

                    Question 2: Please confirm that the position of the robot relative to the mat is only relevant for scoring at the time = 0:00 mark and not when the buzzer stops sounding.

                    Answer 1: Yes

                    Answer 2: Yes, keep in mind that per the definition of Latched in section 1.4 of the Game Manual Part 2, "Latching is evaluated and Scored by Earthlings. Teams are encouraged to make these actions obvious and unambiguous."


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                      Originally posted by FTC9794
                      Subject: <S1> Unsafe Robot and Playing Field Damage - Lifting up the Lander

                      Question: Is slightly pushing the lander up less than an inch while attempting to latch on the lander considered field damage if none of the playing field tiles split apart and the lander is not pushed out of the field floor?

                      Answer: Briefly lifting the Lander a small amount as described in the scenario does not violate rule <S1>.