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    Originally posted by FTC14019
    Subject: <G14> Certifying the Score at Match End - Certifying the Score

    According to <G14>, the rule first states that scores will be certified at the end of the match as quickly as possible, but then states that scoring elements will not be recounted at the end of the match. This could allow for there to be a mistake in score tracking.

    Question 1: What is included in certifying the score?
    Question 2: What is the reasoning behind not recounting scoring elements?

    Answer 1: After the conclusion of the Match, the Head Referee or a designated Referee will consult with the scoring Referees to ensure the status of the Playing Field has been recorded correctly, and that all Penalties have been recorded properly.
    Answer 2: This is the Game Rules thread of the Rover Ruckus Q&A Forum and this is not a game play question.