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"Dumping" the Team Marker into the Depot OK?

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  • "Dumping" the Team Marker into the Depot OK?

    Scenario: A robot is designed with a dumper arm that reaches more than 22" high and dumps collected minerals into the lander during the teleop period.

    Quesion: In autonomous, can the team place their team marker in the container at the end of the dumper arm that usually holds collected minerals, have the robot autonomously drive to the depot, and then dump the team marker into the depot using this same dumper arm? The team marker would be released from the arm 22" off the playing field and then fall into the depot. There might also be some slight horizontal movement on the team marker caused from the arm raising and stopping and the marker dumping out of the end container, but the marker would land in the depot even if there were no horizontal movement.

    GDC: Yes. This question was previously addressed in the "Autonomous Period - Answers" tread post #4.