Need clarification on the following:

Video leads teams to the conclusion if not latched at pre-game for autonomous a team cannot get the achievement points during end game for lifting. However, during a recent match this rule came under question.

Game manual says in 1.5.4

1.5.4 End Game
1. Robots Latched - Each robot that Deployed during pre-Match setup or in the course of game play and is Latched onto either of their own Alliance-specific Lander Support Brackets at the End of the Match earns 50 points for their Alliance.

But the definition of deployed says - Robot is not Latched to the Lander. To be latched, per the definition, a robot is considered Latched when it is Completely Supported by the Lander Support Bracket on the Lander and is not in contact with any other Game Element, Robot, or the Playing Field Floor.

According to this, a robot that deploys is the only robot that can earn the 50 point lifting bonus. One could read into this that if you are latched you would not receive the lifting bonus.

I believe this was not the intent of the game developers, but I am only assuming.

GDC: This issue was previously addressed in the "End Game - Answers" thread post #6.

The game animation provides an overview of the game; there are many important details that can only be learned by thoroughly reading the Game Manual Parts 1 and 2 and the official Game Q&A Forum.

Per section 1.5.4 in the Game Manual Part 2, a Robot that is "Deployed during pre-Match setup" is eligible to earn the End Game Latching achievement. A Drive Team that places their Robot in the Landing Zone on the Playing Field Floor has satisfied the condition that the Robot is "Deployed during pre-Match setup." A Robot that a starts the Match Deployed on the Playing Field Floor in the appropriate location is eligible to earn the Latched End Game Achievement.

Bonus Information: A Robot that starts the Match Latched to the Lander must, at some time during the Match, Deploy from the Lander before it is eligible to earn the Latched End Game achievement.,