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Question on Sect 1.5.1 of Game Manual 2 (Pre-Match)

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  • Question on Sect 1.5.1 of Game Manual 2 (Pre-Match)

    Thanks in advance,

    This question is related to Sect 1.5.1 of Game Manual 2 (Pre-Match)

    Our starting location is "latched to the lander". The latching mechanism on our robot is such that around 6-8 inches of robot goes under the lander and hangs over opposition fields tape area. For example, if we are a red team when the robot is latched to the lander, then on e of the back wheels is hanging over blue tape.

    The question is if this is allowed or if there a penalty or we don't get points for the mission where we land on the ground from the latching position (30 points)?

    GDC: The answer that you seek was previously addressed in the "Pre-Match - Answers" thread post #10. Robots that are Latched to the Lander must start Outside the opposing Alliance's Landing Zone. The Match will not start while a Robot violates this constraint.