At a recent event, both our robot and our partner's robot hung in most matches and received the points for hanging in End Game. In the match where we were partners, after the match ended, the Refs had to enter the playing field to inspect the robots. From a close up inspection under the Lander, they determined the robots were hanging independently, but there was incidental contact between our partner robots and did not award points to both robots for hanging.

In another match, we saw a similar call made at the moment the match ended. Again both robots were capable of hanging independently. One robot hung just after End Game started and the other robot hung in the last 10 seconds. Any contact between the robots was inconsequential and incidental.

These decisions make a 100 point difference in the score, or the equivalent of two and half major penalties. If our alliance had lost the match, the winning alliance would have lost 100 TBP as a result of this decision.

1. Is it true that our robots could have incidentally and inconsequentially touched the Lander or the opposition robots, but the same action with our own partner on our own side under the lander should effectively receive 2.5 major penalties and the opposing alliance should loose 100 TBP?

2. [Question/Comment deleted because it is not a game rule question.]

GDC: The Answer that you seek was previously addressed in the Q&A Forum "End Game - Answers" post #8.