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End Game Scoring - Parking

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  • End Game Scoring - Parking

    Game Manual Part 2 section 1.5.4 states: Each robot that is Parked IN any crater at the end of the match earns 15 points for their alliance
    and Section 1.4 Game Definitions defines "IN' as and object that has crossed into the upwards vertical extension of a defined area's boundary is inside the area.

    Question: if a part of the robot, ie: an arm, extended past the plane of the vertical extension but did not touch the playing field mat, would that be considered 'Parked In'?

    GDC: Thank you for correctly identifying the relevant portion of the Game Manual. Yes, any part of the Robot (except for the Alliance Flag and/or a Possessed Scoring Element) that is In the Crater qualifies for the End Game Parking Score. Touching the Playing Field Floor is not a requirement to earn the Parking Score.