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  • End Game Latching

    GS7 states: Latching before the End Game - Deployed Robots are not allowed to intentionally Support any portion of their weight with the Lander Support Bracket prior to the start of the End Game. Robots that attempt to Latch to the Lander Support Bracket before the start of the End Game are not eligible to Score the End Game Latching achievement.

    1. The definition of attempt to Latch is unclear in this context. If we are using a form of a one-way gate, such as a spring loaded carabiner on our latching mechanism, is it permitted to position the robot at the lander prior to the start of End Game?

    2. Is it also permissible to engage the carabiner prior to the start of End Game, so long as the robot weight is not supported by the Lander Support Bracket? For example, we use a screw driven mechanism to latch. Are we permitted to raise the screw until the carabiner clicks into position and wait for End Game to begin reversing the screw to lift the robot?

    GDC: Thank you for correctly identifying the appropriate rule from the Game Manual Part 2. Applying this rule to your questions:

    Answer 1: Yes, the Drive Team may position their Robot at the Lander prior to the start of the End Game; provided that it is clear to the Referee crew that the Robot is not interacting with the Lander Support Bracket.

    Answer 2: Engaging a carabiner with the Lander Support Bracket is an attempt to Latch and
    therefore violates rule <GS7> if the action is performed before the start of the End Game.