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Co-ordinated Blocking <G18> and <GS11>

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  • Co-ordinated Blocking <G18> and <GS11>

    The interpretation of current rules could allow an opposing alliance to co-ordinate blocking and/or travel around the crater such that each robot takes turn using up their 5 second rule to continuously prevent access to the lander. For example, a blue robot could force the red robot to clear the space between the lander and the crater while it slowly travels the path, and as soon as it clears the space, the blue partner begins travel in that area beginning it's 5 second countdown. In the meantime, the first blue robot makes it all the way around to queue up again, thus continuously obstructing travel. This technique could also be used for pinning in general, where two offending robots take turns pinning an opponent.

    Could the GDC rule on whether this is legal, and if not, declare that pinning and/or the travel in the obstructed area countdown applies to all alliance robots?