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  • Team Marker Rules

    Answers to questions about Team Markers

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    Originally posted by FTC10131
    Subject: Team Marker Size

    Q1: Rule <TM02> says the minimum size of a Team Marker is 3" x 3" by 4". How is this measured?

    Q2: Does it need to completely fill this volume? Or must each dimension just reach that measurement at some point? Examples are a 4" tall pyramid with a 3" x 3" base (is only 3" x 3" at the bottom), or a hollow cylinder with diameter 3" and a height of 4", or even a large toy "jack: which points 3" x 3" by 4" but takes up very little volume?

    Q3: Related question: does the Team Marker size have to stay the same for the entire match, or can a Team Marker expand beyond the maximum size after the start of the match like the Robot can?

    A1: Robot Inspectors have several ways to measure this, the easiest will be to push the Team Marker into a corner and use a ruler to measure the length, width, and height.

    A2: The Team Marker must meet or exceed all three (X, Y, Z) minimum dimensions simultaneously but it does not have to fill the entire volume. For instance, a 4.5" tall flag pole mounted on a thin, 3.1" diameter base would fulfill the requirements. Each of your examples would constitute a legal Team Marker.

    A3: Once placed into play on the field, a Team Marker must fall within the allowed minimum and maximum dimensions. It cannot expand beyond the maximum size like a robot. It can, however, be compressed for easier transport but the robot but must expand to a legal size when placed in the Depot (or anywhere else on the field).


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      Originally posted by FTC4042
      Subject: Stored Mechanical Energy in Team Marker

      Q: Is it permitted to have stored mechanical power in your team marker, on the form of a spring-loaded gear train?
      A: Yes, a spring and gear train are allowed parts.


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        Originally posted by FTC9967
        Team Marker Required?

        Q: Is the Team Marker mandatory to compete? I am unsure as the manual talks about it, but does not say it is or is not required explicitly. Just checking for the meet.
        Thank You!

        A: No, Teams do not have to have a Team Marker in order to compete. They just will not be eligible for the Team Marker related bonuses.


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          Originally posted by FTC9918
          Team Marker and Starting Volume

          Q: Does the Team Marker count as part of the robot when measuring for the 18" by 18" by 18" maximum size? We may have a design that stretches the marker over the edge of the robot. Thank you.
          A: Per Rule G4, "Pre-Loaded Scoring Elements may extend Outside the 18-inch (45.7cm) cube volume constraint ". The Team Marker is considered to be a Scoring Element, therefore it is allowed to extend beyond the 18" x 18" x 18" starting volume.


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            Team Marker made from Minerals

            Q: We have a question about materials we can use for our team marker. We would like to use either a Gold Mineral or Silver Mineral as a part of our team marker. Is that allowed?

            Thank you![

            A: There is no rule restricting the use of Minerals as building materials for a Team Marker. However, it must be obvious to the Score Trackers and other Field personnel that these Minerals are part of the Team Marker, and not scored Minerals. If there is any confusion at all, the team will be asked to replace this Team Marker with a more suitable one.


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              Originally posted by FTC7149
              Glow Sticks

              Q: Are teams allowed to use glowsticks and or glow rings on the team marker?

              A: No. Glowsticks contain a liquid, that if released, could be a hazard to personnel and the field.