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    We hope that teams will read the questions and answers posted in the other parts of the forum before they post your question, but, if the question and our answer cross in the mail, a post will likely land here, in the duplicate questions forum.

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    Is it legal to use the goBuilda linear actuator kit ( and it's imperial unit equivalent from Servocity (


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      Are Modern Robotics 12V DC motors with goBILDA gearboxes (as available for purchase on the Modern Robotics website and some other websites) legal for use in FTC? Applicable rules appear to be Rule <RE09>c (which says Modern Robotics 12V DC motors are legal) and/or Rule <RM02> (which says arbitrary single speed gearboxes are allowed).


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        Are all Moto E4 variants legal? There seem to be versions with different processors (MediaTek vs Snapdragon), as well as with or without a front fingerprint sensor.

        The Moto G5 isn't available in the US; can teams use the nearly identical Moto G5 Plus instead?


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          During the initialization of an autonomous OpMode, is mineral detection AND recording the result of the mineral detection allowed?
          Currently, we only initialize TensorFlow during the initialization period. After hitting play, we begin our first scan for the location of the gold mineral. We devote the first two seconds of autonomous play to recording the result of mineral detection for use in determining drive directions within autonomous drive commands.
          Being able to scan for the location of the gold mineral during the initialization period is a big advantage.
          We have seen other teams do the initialization and scan of the sampling minerals during the initialization period. Is it legal to have the initialization AND recording of the mineral detection read within the initialization phase of autonomous?


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            At least one team in our state is using Kotlin for the mineral detection part of their autonomous programming. The team has sought clarification on whether or not it is okay to use Kotlin since it can apparently be used with Android Studio, as this team is doing. The affiliate partner which runs FTC in our state approved this usage for a league championship but said that a ruling is needed from the FTC Forum before the state tournament on February 23. If using Kotlin in this way violates RS02, please post and reply to this question on the forum as soon as possible. If the way this team is using Kotlin is okay, but other approaches are not, please provide guidelines on how Kotlin may and may not be used.