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    Servocity Motor

    Q: Is a Servocity premium planetary gear motor legal? See [/QUOTE]

    A: No, this motor is not on the list of approved motors. See Rule RE09


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      Originally posted by FTC5064
      Contained Beans

      Q: For our team marker, we have purchased a stuffed animal. The feet of the stuffed animal are filled with beans/rice. The beans are contained within the fabric of the animal and are not loose and there is no way to spill the beans without cutting open the feet of the stuffed animal. RG01.h rules loose ball bearings, coffee beans, etc. illegal. Is this considered loose? Is having beans is this manner legal?

      A: No, this is not allowed. If you wish to use the stuffed animal the beans must be removed and the marker must be stuffed with cotton or some other material that cannot spill out.