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    Originally posted by FTC4466

    Subject: Game Manual Part 1 Rule T7c states the following:

    Q: Previously, when asked to clarify Rule T7c, the following was said by the GDC:

    There are a few questions I have about this ruling:
    1. In the eyes of the GDC, what is the distinction between "changes to the robot" and building an entirely new robot?
    2. What does the GDC deem "as needed/appropriate" in terms of changes to the robot? Is the necessity to modify a robot in the hands of the team to decide, or is it decided by the Robot Inspectors at each event?
    3. What is the GDC's view on teams that build subsystems in the off-season? As an example, would a drivetrain designed before the 2019-2020 Kickoff be legal for use during the 2019-2020 competition season?
    4. How does the GDC envision this ruing being enforced at events? Will teams have to prove to Robot Inspectors that they have not built an entirely new robot?
    A: Please see edit posted 2-13-19