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    Answers to questions about Field Setup and Assembly.

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    Originally posted by FTC7253
    Subject: Double wobble target in single team remote auton

    Q: Are both wobble targets to be placed on the field and available for scoring in auton for single team remote events?
    Meaning a single team can deliver the initially "possessed" wobble target and then the wobble target located on the other same-alliance start line?
    A: Yes, both wobble goals should be placed on the field and available for scoring.


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      Originally posted by FTC12762
      Subject: Using net for remote field?

      Q: The GA FTC head ref suggested we ask on this forum: should the net be used for a remote field setup?
      A: The net is not required, but it is recommended that it be used to protect people around the field.


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        Originally posted by FTC16140
        Subject: No space for Wobble Goal

        Q: Our team realized that our field pace is not long enough to be able to fit a wobble goal on the other side of the perimeter wall. We have attached below some pictures for reference. Would it be possible for our robot to place the wobble over the side wall near the far corner to score the drop zone points?

        A: Yes, you can do this in the corner away from the Alliance Station. Prior to dropping the goal over the corner, drive to the front wall of the field as if you were going to drop it over that wall, and then turn to the corner and drive there. Then you can drop the Wobble Goal over the corner. This ensures that you are performing the tasks required to score the goal on a normal field.


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          Originally posted by FTC14320
          Subject: Composition of Remote Fields

          Q: After extended usage, some teams (including ours) have broken the power shot targets on our AM Field. The DIY remote field allows for the usage of cardboard cutouts in lieu of actual targets.
          Question: Can a team replace their broken official powershot targets with cardboard cutouts? Thanks!

          A: Yes, this is allowed for Remote matches only.