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    Answers to questions about Field Setup and Assembly.

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    Originally posted by jlevy2017
    Subject: Exact placement of the Launch Line

    Q: In the Field Setup Guide, page 12, the placement of the Launch Line is defined with "The front edge of the Launch Line should measure approximately 80” to the Audience Perimeter Wall".

    "Front edge" is not defined. Is it the edge closest to the Tower Goals, making the Launch Zone 80 inches in length, or is it the edge closest to the audience, making the Launch Zone 82 inches in length?
    A: The front edge of the Launch Line is the part of the tape that is closest to the Audience Perimeter wall.


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      Originally posted by FTC12533
      Subject: Ring Placement Before Start of Match

      Q: To clarify: before each match begins, are all four rings in each stack to be placed on their respective spots, and does this happen before teams place robots on their field?

      A: You place all four rings on their spots prior to the robots are placed and then adjust them after the randomization takes place as described in the Field Setup Manual as well as Game Manual Part 2.