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  • Pre-Match

    Answers to questions about Pre-Match setup.

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    Originally posted by FTC12533
    Subject: Pre-Loading a Wobble Goal - Is Completely Supported by the Robot Allowed?

    In Game Manual 2, rule 4.5.1, it states that the robot needs to pre-load the wobble goal at the start of the match. Looking at the definition of “pre-load”, it says that the robot only needs to be touching the game element. However, I feel like it is unclear on whether or not the wobble goal needs to also be in contact with the ground.

    Question 1: Does the wobble goal need to be touching the ground at the beginning of the match?

    Question 2: Can it be completely supported by the robot?

    Answer 1: No
    Answer 2: Yes


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      Originally posted by FTC12789
      Subject: Section 4.5.1 Pre-Match - Placement of the Three Rings that are not Used During the Autonomous Period

      Section 4.5.1 does a great job of describing the setup for a Remote match for the Robot, Wobble Goals, Starter Stack Rings, and YOUR Robot's pre-load Rings. However, there is no mention of your "Ghost Partner's" Rings - the Rings that WOULD have been optionally pre-loaded onto your partner's Robot if you actually had a partner playing. Your partner's Wobble Goal is specifically mentioned and accounted for, but nothing about what happens to their optional Pre-Load Rings. Without mention of these Rings, it seems that there are only seven (7) total Rings available for play during the Driver-Controlled period in Remote play - the three (3) you may optionally pre-load, plus the four (4) that randomly get configured for the Starter Stack. However, under the definition of Game Element in Section 4.4, it lists a quantity of 10 Rings.

      Question: Do the three (3) Rings that your "Ghost Partner" would have optionally pre-loaded get placed in the Low Goal during Pre-Match setup along with any Rings not pre-loaded onto YOUR Robot or used in the random Starter Stack? This seems to be the only means to account for the disparity in Rings between sections 4.4 and 4.5.1.

      Answer: Yes. Thank you for identifying this pre-Match setup step that is missing from the Game Manual Part 2 - Remote Events. A future release of the Game Manual will include instructions for the three Rings referenced in the question.


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        Originally posted by FTC12533
        Subject: Operation of Motors and Servos during Pre-Match Setup

        Question 1: Are robots allowed to have motors and servos powered during initialization in order to fit within the 18 inch cube starting size requirement?

        Question 2: Are teams allowed to manually operate motors and servos with the gamepad (such as pressing a button to activate a motor PID loop or move a servo) during the initialization period, in order to grasp game elements and/or ensure robot mechanisms are within the 18x18x18” sizing cube, provided that manual control would cease before randomization?

        Answer 1: Yes, provided that the Robot is motionless while the Robot and Driver Station are in the required hands-off state before the start of the Match.

        Answer 2: Yes


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          Originally posted by FTC8397
          Subject: Section 4.5.1 Pre-Match - Robot Controller Initialization

          Game Manual Part 2, 4.5.1 (Pre-Match) states: "Pressing the driver station init button is not required unless it is needed for the Robot to satisfy the Match start size constraint." There are other reasons why a team might wish to press the init button during pre-match setup. For example, this could be useful to ensure that the BNO055IMU in the Rev Expansion Hub initializes successfully (we have seen occasional failures).

          Question 1: Is it legal to press "Init" during pre-match setup to ensure successful initialization of a hardware item (such as the BNO055IMU), and to re-initialize if there is a failure?

          Question 2: if (1) is legal, would it be legal, during pre-match setup, to confirm successful initialization by "wiggling" the robot slightly (to confirm changes in gyro readings) before leaving it in its final setup position?

          Answer 1: Yes

          Answer 2: Yes, provided that the test can be performed safely. Nearby humans should be aware that the Robot is going to move before the "wiggle" test is performed.

          For a Traditional Competition, additional requirements are that the Robot must be Completely Inside the Playing Field Wall and the test does not delay the start of the Match.
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            Originally posted by FTC12762
            Subject: USB-powered display to view the output of a Robot Mounted UVC Camera During Pre-Match Setup

            Our team switched to the new REV Control Hub for this season. One major difference between the Control Hub and the Android Robot Phone options is the lack of screen on the Control Hub compared to the phone.

            Question: Our team would like to be able to align their camera during the pre-Match portion of a match. With the Android Robot Phone option, they would have used the display on the phone to do so. Without a display on the Control Hub, is it legal to attach a USB-powered monitor during the pre-Match, then remove it after aligning the camera (still during pre-Match)? Rule <G15> states in part "The Drive Team may align its Robot during pre-Match setup if they do so with legal components that are part of the Robot and can be reset to be within the 18-inch (457.2 mm) cube starting volume constraint", however there is no mention of monitors in Game Manual Part 1 Section 7.3.3. Small commercially-available monitors (~phone screen size) that we could mount permanently inside of the robot are not generally available. Not using a monitor at all would seem to put teams with the REV Control Hub at a disadvantage compared to teams with the Android Robot Phone option.

            Answer: As stated in the question, rule <G15> requires Robot alignment devices to be constructed with legal components. The legality of a USB-powered monitor is determined by Robot Electrical rule <RE18>. A USB-powered monitor is not specifically addressed by other rules, therefore it is not allowed.

            Drive Teams may legally view the output of the onboard UVC camera during pre-match setup by using the Driver Station App's built-in camera preview capability. The FIRST Tech Challenge Robot Controller Github Wiki describes how this is done: