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Wobble During Driver Control Period

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  • Wobble During Driver Control Period

    Originally posted by FTC9912
    Subject: Wobble Goal Moved Out of the Launch Zone During the Driver-Controlled Period Before the Start of the End Game.
    We are needing clarification on the wobble goal during the driver-controlled period.

    Question 1: If the wobble goal was not moved during autonomous into Target Zone or outside the Launch Zone (past the white tape), can the robot pick up the wobble goal during the driver-control period before the end game and move it to the area outside of the Launch Zone to move the wobble goal during end game to the Start Line or Drop Zone?
    If so, obviously no points awarded during autonomous for the wobble goal but you would receive either 5pts for Start Line or 20points for the drop zone during the end game.

    Question 2: Or is the rule that if you do not successfully move the wobble during autonomous to Target zone or past the white tape (outside Launch zone), the wobble is considered not playable for the end game?
    Thank you.

    These questions were previously addressed in the Remote Game - End Game Answer Thread Post #4.

    Answer 1: Yes

    Answer 2: No