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Question Regarding PowerShot Scoring

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  • Question Regarding PowerShot Scoring

    Originally posted by FTC14320
    Subject: <GS13> Illegal Power Shot Scoring

    Question 1: I have a question regarding the powershot scoring for both the autonomous and endgame periods. While hitting the base of the powershot structure or hitting 1 powershot at a higher velocity and having others fall with it incur penalties.

    Question 2: I was curious as to what the ruling was for if 1 ring were to hit 2 powershots directly, without touching any sub-assemblies, structure, walls, or nets.

    We have a mechanism that allows us to curve the rings midair, and with this, we are able to hit 2 powershots in the way described above. I just wanted to clarify, do the points add up to be 15 for each powershot (net total of 30 if a ring directly hits 2), or would it be scored as something else.


    The answers that you seek are found by reading rule <GS13> in Game Manual Part 2.

    Answer 1: A Power Shot Target that moves to the Scored position without direct contact with a Ring earns 15 points for the Score and it also earns an offsetting Major Penalty for violating rule <GS13>.

    Answer 2: Each Power Shot Target that moves to the Scored position due to direct contact with a legally launched Ring earns 15 points and no Penalty is assessed. One Ring directly contacting more than one Ring is legal gameplay.