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Section [Pre-Match/Pre-Load Rings] of Game Manual Part 2 says "A Robot may Pre-Load up to three (3) Rings ... Rings cannot be loaded onto the Wobble Goal."

Section 4.4 [Game Definitions/Pre-Load] says "A Game Element that a Drive Team positions during pre-Match setup so that it touches a Robot or is Possessed by a Robot at the start of the Autonomous Period."

Thus the three rings mentioned in section need not be Possessed by the Robot; just touching the Robot, which seems odd.

Reply: Your interpretation of the rules and constraints is correct. One reason for allowing Pre-Loaded Scoring Element Contact with a Robot is to make it easier to share Scoring Elements with their Alliance Partner. For example, a Robot that is unable to Score Rings during the Autonomous Period could Pre-Load their Rings in a location where their Alliance Partner Robot can easily access them.

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