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End Game and Tower Scoring

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  • End Game and Tower Scoring

    Originally posted by FTC13474
    Subject: Tower Goal Scoring During the End Game

    Question: During the End Game period, is scoring possible in the Tower? Game Manual Part 2 has in Section 4.2 "In addition to the previously listed Driver-Controlled Period Scoring activities,..." 4.7 Scoring Summary table does not have Ring Scored in Tower points in the End Game column.

    Answer: Yes. Section 4.5.4 of the Game Manual Part 2 states: "The last thirty seconds of the Driver-Controlled Period is called the End Game. Driver-Controlled Period Scoring can still take place during the End Game." The Driver-Controlled Period tasks described in section 4.5.3 may be performed during the entire 2 minute period. The End Game tasks described in section 4.5.4 may only be performed during the final 30 seconds of the Driver-Controlled Period.

    The referenced scoring summary table in section 4.7 separates scoring into the three periods of gameplay when they are performed: Autonomous (30 seconds), Driver-Controlled (120 seconds), and End Game (the final 30 seconds of the 120 second Driver-Controlled Period). Tower Goal Scoring is a Driver-Controlled Period task and it doesn't belong in the End Game Scoring section of the table.