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  • Driver-Controlled Period

    Answers to questions about the Driver-Controlled Period.

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    Originally posted by FTC13474
    Subject: Ring Stuck in the Return Rack Question: During the Driver-Control Period, if a ring is placed by the Human Player in the Return Rack AND it gets stuck (does not fall out of playing field side), is the Human Player allowed to reach into the Return Rack to retrieve the stuck ring and attempt to return it again?
    Answer: Yes


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      Originally posted by FTC12524
      Subject: Rule <GS9> Wobble Goal Constraints - Controlling an Opposing Alliance Wobble Goal

      Hello! We are FTC Team 12524 and we have a question about Moving opposing Alliance Wobble Goal during the Driver-Controlled Period.

      Today at the Traditional Event we have a situation in a match. During the Driver-Controlled Period, before the start of the End Game, we moved the opposing Alliance Wobble Goal, that was neither in the Target Zone nor outside of Launch Zone, to the far corner of the Launch Zone. Rule <GS09> does not prohibit Controlling Opponents Wobble Goals in this case.

      But Referees gave us a warning (with potential Yellow Card if the action will be repeated next time) for this, telling that this tactic is against the concept of Gracious Professionalism.

      Question: So, the question is: is it allowed to take away the opposing Alliance Wobble Goals during the Driver-Controlled Period, before End Game, that are not completely in a Target Zone.

      Answer: Yes, provided that no other rules are violated. The Robot's actions described in the question do not violate rule <GS9> and no warning should be issued.


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        Originally posted by FTC1999
        Subject: Blocked Return Rack

        Question: In the event that a human player's ring return were no longer a viable method of getting rings back into the field (i.e. zip tie breaks, disabled robot it, etc.), then what would be the best recourse for them to return their rings to the field? Would they be allowed to toss them back in one at a time from the same height as the ring return? Should they pass them over to the opposing human player to let them return them?

        Answer: In the highly unlikely case that a Ring Return Rack is rendered unusable/blocked, the Head Referee can declare the Ring Return Rack obstructed. Once this declaration has taken place, the Human Player may drop/gently toss the Rings back into the Playing Field with a couple of constraints:
        • the Ring needs to land in the back portion of the field (i.e. not in the Launch Zone)
        • the Ring needs be dropped/tossed with the minimum force required
        • the Ring should not be directed towards any Robot or Wobble Goal
        • the Ring should be returned in approximately the same location on the field as the Ring Return Rack
        Violations of the above constraints should be treated as violations of <GS4> ... i.e. a warning followed by Minor Penalty per infraction for subsequent violations.


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          DRAFT ANSWER

          Originally posted by FTC12533
          Subject: Rule <G28> - Pinning, Trapping, or Blocking Robots - Robot Denying Access to Rings Exiting a Return Rack.

          Question: According to <GS6>1)b, "Strategies for Controlling Rings that deny all access by other robots are not allowed." How much would a ring have to roll out of the return rack before it is considered accessible by all robots? If I'm in front of the return rack for the sole purpose of picking a ring right after it hits the floor, is this allowed?"

          Answer: First of all, Rule <GS6>1)b applies to Controlled and/or Possessed Rings. The primary rule that applies to this scenario is <G28> for Blocking Access to an Area or Game Element.

          The answer is not as simple as specifying a Robot keep out Area or linear distance from the Return Rack. The following guidance applies to this scenario:

          1) Return Racks are assigned to Human Players from specific Alliances. For Robot gameplay, the Return Racks and the Rings that are returned to the Playing Field Floor are both Alliance Neutral.

          2) Does an opposing Alliance Robot's actions and/or location indicate an intent to collect Rings that exit from a Return Rack? An opposing Alliance Robot actions that signal an intent to access Rings exiting from a Return Rack is necessary for rule <G28> to apply. If an opposing Alliance Robot is not nearby and signaling the intent to access Rings, the Robot is not violating rule <G28>..

          3) How many Rings are Possessed by the Robot? In general, a Robot possessing two or fewer Rings is free to Park with the intent to collect the next Ring to exit the Return Rack without risking a rule <G28> violation. A Robot that Possess or Controls three or more Rings is expected to move and yield the expected Ring Rack Return area to another Robot. Keep in mind, that this is not permission for a Robot to violate other rules such as, Blocking Access to a Robot Alliance Specific Wobble Goal, Blocking Access to a Tower Goal, Blocking Access to Rings On the Playing Field Floor, etc.

          4) Two Robots on the same Alliance that "tag team" to prevent an opposing Alliance Robot from accessing Rings returning to the Playing Field Floor from a Ring Return Rack violates the intent of rule <G28>.

          5) A Robot occupying the likely location where Rings return to the Playing Field with the intent of deflecting Rings: a) towards their Alliance Partner Robot, b) away from an opposing Alliance Robot, c) towards a preferred location, violates the intent of rule <G28>.

          6) In summary, a Robot in position to collect a legal number of Rings to "play the game" (i.e. collecting a legal number of Rings for its own use and then moving away) is unlikely to be viewed by referees as violating rule <G28>. A gameplay strategy primarily aimed at Blocking access to Rings returning to the Playing Field Floor will likely be viewed by referees as violating rule <G28>.


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            Originally posted by FTC14433
            Subject: <GS6> Control/Possession Limits of Scoring Elements - Inadvertent Contact with a Ring Entering the Playing Field

            Based on answer at, it said " If our robot is in possession of 3 rings and intentionally moves to block the path of another ring rolling from the return rack, would a penalty be incurred?", answer is "Yes, the action described violates rule".

            Question: What if the robot does not intentionally moves to block the path of another returned ring, but happens to sit in a location preparing to shoot for the goal with 3 rings on robot, then a returned ring hit the robot. Will that violate the rule and get penalty? It is really hard to avoid hit by returned ring in that case.

            Answer: The scenario described in the question is Inadvertent contact between the Robot and Ring that does not violate rule <GS6>.


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              Originally posted by FTC12533
              Subject: Human Player Manipulation of the Ring Return Rack

              Question: Is it legal for the human player to apply pressure to the return rack to control where rings fall?

              Answer: No


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                Originally posted by FTC14129
                Subject: Is the Transitive Property Applied to Stacked Rings?

                Question 1: If a ring leaves the return chute, is completely supported by the playing field, and then ends up completely supported by another ring, is that ring still eligible for scoring? (Rule GS6, 1B)

                Question 2: If a ring is placed by the robot on top of another ring, is that ring still eligible for scoring?

                Answer 1: Yes

                Answer 2: Yes, provided that the top Ring was eligible to be Scored before the Robot placed it on top of another Ring that is on the Playing Field Floor..


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                  Originally posted by FTC12533
                  Subject: <GS4>c Human Player Ring Handling - Returning Rings to the Playing Field as Quickly as Practical

                  Question: Is the intent of <gs4>(c) to prevent teams from hoarding rings from other teams or is it about holding them until it's strategic to intake them? If the former, how does this apply to remote events?

                  Answer: The intent of the rule is to address both scenarios. The Human Player is required to return Rings to the Playing Field as quickly as practical for both Traditional and Remote Events.