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    Originally posted by FTC13178
    Q: In the legal and illegal parts book, it says that you are not able to use rough top treads because it can scratch and ruin the game floor. If we are just using it on the arm of our robot and it wouldn't touch the floor would we be able to use it?

    Thank you!
    A: Yes. The intent of the rule is to prevent damage to the floor tiles from spinning wheels. Rough top tread may be use for other applications provided their use does not damage the field, field elements, or scoring elements.


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      Plaster of Paris

      Originally posted by FTC14779
      Q: Our team is having weight distribution problems and we need a ballast to fix this problem. Is it legal to use hardened plaster of pairs as a weight on our robot?
      A: Yes, providing it is sufficiently protected to not leave debris on the field.
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